Bell Peppers

In June, bell peppers are being featured for the Harvest of the Month (HOTM) program.  Bell peppers are available in a rainbow of colors and complement a variety of dishes and cuisines.  Check out these resources and ideas to celebrate Harvest of the Month with local bell peppers!

Summer is the perfect time to source Georgia grown and local agriculture products, they are in abundance.  For information and ideas on local foods and agriculture-based activities in the summer, see USDA’s Farm to Summer Fact Sheet.


School Food Service Professionals

Morning announcement script:

  • “Good morning!  In June, we are celebrating locally grown bell peppers for our Harvest of the Month program.  Look for bell peppers from this local farm (name the farm(s), if you can) in your lunch today (or on __________ day/date).  Try local bell peppers and help us celebrate Harvest of the Month, which is our program that features a different locally grown fruit or vegetable each month.”

Menu ideas:

  • Serve fresh bell pepper strips with hummus or low-fat dip.
  • Dice or slice fresh bell peppers and add to a salad.
  • Slice bell peppers into strips or rings and add to sandwiches or wraps.

Taste test idea:

  • Conduct a taste test with students using green, red, orange, and/or yellow bell peppers. Have students vote on which color pepper is the sweetest.  Visit the Harvest of the Month page for taste testing resources.

HOTM Bell Peppers Fact Sheet

HOTM Bell Peppers Marketing Poster 8.5×11

General Resources:

  • National Pepper Month – Find resources for bell peppers, from the United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service, Healthy Meals Resource System.

Students and Families