Farm Field Trips

The school nutrition program can be the catalyst for farm field trips.  Teachers are always eager for new ideas for field trips and other educational activities.  Talking with teachers about your local food purchasing efforts and engaging them in the Farm to School Program can have many positive benefits for your school nutrition program including gaining support from parents and other community members.

Farm field trips expose students to the wonders of urban and rural agricultural environments. Students are able to connect to local food and learn about where their food comes from through experiential learning. Through hands-on activities like hayrides and corn mazes, experiments, and exploration students learn about the roots of good nutrition.

Some field trip topics include composting and the living soil, plant life and plant parts, the insect environment, urban agriculture and local food systems. Students can learn about hoop houses and greenhouses while seeing crops of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. Information gained during these visits with farmers can reinforce lessons being taught in the cafeteria and classroom, and will empower students as they work in their school garden.

For farmers, hosting a field trip provides students with a fun and interactive “field classroom” to learn about food and the local farms in their communities.  Think about your farm through the eyes of a student and consider ways to turn your farm into a classroom for a day.

Wisdom from Others:

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