May is National Strawberry Month.

The Harvest of the Month (HOTM) featured item for May is strawberries.  Check out these resources and ideas to celebrate Harvest of the Month with local strawberries!


School Food Service Professionals

Morning Announcement Script:

  • “Good morning!  May is National Strawberry Month and the school cafeteria is featuring local strawberries.  Try some sweet, juice strawberries today (or on ______ day/date) at breakfast or lunch and celebrate Harvest of the Month!  Harvest of the Month is our program that features a different locally grown fruit or vegetable each month.”


  • “Good morning!  May is National Strawberry Month so we are featuring strawberries for our Harvest of the Month celebration.  Try strawberries from these local farms (name the farm(s), if you can) in your school breakfast or lunch today (or on _________ day/date) and help us celebrate National Strawberry Month in May.”

Menu Ideas:

  • Serve fresh strawberries as a fruit serving on the breakfast or lunch menu or use as a garnish for added pops of color.
  • Add fresh strawberries to a yogurt smoothie or parfait.
  • Create a fresh fruit salad with strawberries and other fruits, such as blueberries, raspberries, cantaloupe or any fruits in season.
  • Toss fresh, sliced strawberries in a green lettuce or spinach salad and serve with a light vinaigrette.

Recipe Ideas:

Taste Test Ideas:

  • Offer a taste testing of fresh, local strawberries and have students evaluate if they liked them.  Try different sized berries (small, medium and large) and have students vote on which size strawberry was the sweetest.
  • Try a strawberry smoothie with this Create-a-Smoothie recipe from the National Dairy Council.

HOTM Strawberries Fact Sheet

HOTM Strawberries Marketing Poster 8.5×11

Strawberry Jokes:

  • Q. What do you throw a drowning strawberry? A. A strawberry preserver.
  • Q. What resembles half a strawberry? A. The other half.
  • Q. What do you call 150 strawberries bunched together? A. A strawberry jam!

General Resources:

  • Strawberries – find resources on strawberries, from USDA’s Healthy Meals Resource System.


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