In July, tomatoes are being featured for the Harvest of the Month (HOTM) program.  Tomatoes are botanically a fruit, but used as a vegetable. There is nothing like a ripe tomato on its own or added to a variety of dishes. Check out these resources and ideas to celebrate Harvest of the Month with local tomatoes!


School Food Service Professionals

Morning announcement script:

  • “Good morning! In July, we are celebrating locally grown tomatoes for our Harvest of the Month program. Look for tomatoes from this local farm (name the farm(s), if you can) in your lunch today (or on __________ day/date). Try local tomatoes and help us celebrate Harvest of the Month, which is our program that features a different locally grown fruit or vegetable each month.”

Menu ideas:

  • Serve a tossed salad topped with ripe tomatoes.
  • Add fresh sliced tomatoes to sandwiches and wraps.

Recipe ideas:

Taste test idea:

  • Offer a taste testing of fresh, local tomatoes and survey students to see if they liked them.
  • Consider offering several tomato varieties (Roma, heirloom, grape) and/or colors (red, orange, purple, green) to allow students to experience different kinds of tomatoes. Use a survey to see which varieties students prefer.

HOTM Tomatoes Fact Sheet

HOTM Tomatoes Marketing Poster 8.5×11

Tomato Jokes:

  • Q. How do you fix a broken tomato? A. Tomato paste!


Students and Families