In July, watermelon is being featured for the Harvest of the Month (HOTM) program.  Watermelon is a sweet and nutritious summer fruit.  Check out these resources and ideas to celebrate Harvest of the Month with local watermelon!


School Food Service Professionals

Morning announcement script:

  • “Good morning!  In July, we are celebrating locally grown watermelon for our Harvest of the Month program.  Look for watermelon from this local farm (name the farm(s), if you can) in your lunch today (or on __________ day/date).  Try local watermelon and help us celebrate our Harvest of the Month program that features a different locally grown fruit or vegetable each month.”

Menu ideas:

  • Serve fresh watermelon as a fruit serving.
  • Create a fresh fruit salad with watermelon and other seasonal fruits.

Recipe ideas:

Taste test idea:

  • Offer a taste testing of fresh, local watermelon and survey students to see if they liked it. Consider offering different varieties of watermelon, such as seeded, seedless, or red, yellow and orange.

HOTM Watermelon Fact Sheet

HOTM Watermelon Marketing Poster 8.5×11

General Resources:

  • Georgia Watermelon Association – the association promotes the watermelon industry from production to consumption. Find watermelon links, recipes, promotions and information about the Georgia Watermelon Queen on the website.
  • National Watermelon Promotion Board – the organization promotes the benefits of watermelon. On their website find general and nutrition information on watermelon, recipes, educator resources and more.


Students and Families